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The 2021 Naturist Travel Awards

As 2021 is coming to a close, and during such times there comes moments of reflection , I felt it apt to share on this blog the 2021 Naturist Travel awards that were announced in the H&E Naturist magazine August 2021 issue.

The 2021 Naturist Travel Awards was launched by leading naturist website Naturist Travel in association with H&E and with support from other key players in the naturist industry. The awards were based on the votes of naturists around the world who participated in an online poll.

Here are the 2021 Naturist Travel Awards:

Best Naturist Venue - Europe: Vritomartis (Crete)

Best Naturist Venue - UK: Max's Garden (Sussex)

Best Naturist Venue - Rest of the World: Cypress Cove (Florida)

Best Naturist Beach - Europe: Vera Playa (Spain)

Best Naturist Beach - UK: Studland (Dorset)

Best Naturist Beach - Rest of the World: Orient Bay (Saint Martin)

Best Marketing Campaign: Vritomartis ( Cretan Naturist Resort)

Best Naturist Organisation: British Naturism

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