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Secluded Beaches

Malta does not yet have an official nudist beach. Here is a list of secluded beaches. Always exercise caution and prudence always and avoid weekends, public holidays and the summer peak months of July and August Do not swim when the sea is rough. It is always best that female persons be accompanied in such secluded locations.


Qarraba Bay, Imgarr

A stretch of 2.5 km beach between Gnejna Bay and Riviera Martini. Accessible by boat from Gnejna Bay. Scaling down the clay slopes from Riviera Martini or from Gnejna Bay is possible but not recommended due to the instability of the clay.


Ghajn Barrani Gozo

Located in Gozo between Ramla l-Hamra and Marsalforn Bay. Accesible from Ramla l-Hamra, Marsalforn or from a pathway in Xaghra,

Fomm ir Rih.jpg

Fomm ir-Riħ Bay, Baħrija

Located in Malta and accessible by foot from Baħrija


Gebla tal-Ħalfa, Qala , Gozo

Located in Gozo, Qala and accessible by foot from a mid-way path on the left before it  leads towards Hondoq il-Rummien . The big protruding stone serves as a landmark for a small pebbled beach that is right opposite.

Imgiebah Bay.jpg

Imgiebaħ Bay, Selmun

Located in Malta and accessible by foot/car  from a narrow rocky path that winds down from Selmun Tower


San Blas Bay, Nadur Gozo

Located in Nadur, Gozo and accessible by foot from a steep inclined path that leads towards the main beach. You will find a deserted spot at the far end of the beach that is secluded by some big stones and offers some privacy.


Slugs Bay, Mellieħa

Accessible only via a walk down the rubble at the foot of Marfa Ridge, this hidden little beach has enough space for two towels. Very romantic indeed, if you manage to get the place to yourself, which is quite possible during weekdays. On weekends, a few locals head this way to get away from crowds, but the surrounding rocks forcefully scatter any visitors.


Munxar White Cliffs, Marsascala

Located in Marsascala and accessible by foot from the far end of Saint Thomas Bay. There is a point where the coast cannot be accessed any further on foot but the pristine coastline stretches to Saint Peter's Pool and Delimara. Ideal for canooing. It takes about four hours to paddle from Saint Thomas Bay to Delimara.


Ix-Xatt l-Aħmar, Għajnsielem , Gozo

Located in Gozo, to the west of Mgarr Harbour and accessible by foot from a narrow pathway along the coastline. Also accessible from Ghajnsielem,


Wied l-Għasri, Żebbuġ, Gozo

Located in Gozo, a natural fjord reachable from Marsalforn or Zebbug by foot that takes approximately 15-20 minutes. To descend to the fjord, you need to go down a lengthy number of steps but worth the discovery.


The island of Comino

An island spanning no more than 15 square miles, the island lies between Malta and Gozo. It has only seven inhabitants but invaded by locals and tourists during the summer. With the aid of a private boat, one would be able to find some remote private spots. But the main beaches and locations are definitely out of bound for naturist purposes


The coastline from Xghajra to Zonqor

A stretch of 3 km of pristine coastline, in the southern part of the island between Xgħajra and Marsaskala offers some remote private space among the unfriendly  natural rocks and rough open seas. Swimming is not to be attempted when the wind is Force 2 or higher as strong undercurrents and rough seas could create severe swimming difficult conditions


Ta' Ċensna, Imġarr

A rocky inlet further up to Ġnejna Bay that can be accessible by foot or by sea taxi provided from Ġnejna Bay . The beach becomes easily overcrowded with more than 10 people  due to its rocky terrain. But it is very quiet and peaceful and not that familiar with locals and boats.

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