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Promoting naturism



Barumbara secluded farmhouse in the south  with access to a small swimming pool. Very quiet and peaceful cut off from all human connection. Owners are a naturist friendly couple who reside in nearby surroundings.


Boutique Sailing

Boutique Sailing Malta, specializes in professionally skippered sailing experiences. Delivers unique niche experiences for small groups or couples on private basis: snorkeling tours, romantic treats, naturist sailing and bathing in secluded beaches. Lunch is served during the day. Boat is equipped with first aid kits and appropriate safety gear, snorkeling and fishing gear. Free drinking water and wifi.


Sea Taxi

Sea taxi services offered by Gnejna Watersports to three remote beaches - Qarraba Bay, Ta Censna, Fomm ir-Rih. Private boat, canoes, kayaks and all type of boating equipment for hire.

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