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INF official communique to the Prime Minister of Malta on the naturist situation in Malta

The Honourable Prime Minister of Malta Dr Robert Abela MP

Office of the Prime Minister

Auberge de Castille

Valletta VLT 1061


Hörsching, 15. June 2020

Dear Prime Minister,

The International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI) would like to express its concern at the complaints received by many local naturists and tourists visiting the Maltese Islands that your country is not nudist friendly. This indeed stands in stark contrast to the warm hospitality that the Maltese people have constantly been renowned for, throughout the present and historical times.

We have been informed that naturist facilities such as beaches, accommodation resorts, spas and naked activities are close to non-existent. The INF-FNI feels surprised that as of the year 2020 there is not yet an officially designated nudist beach. We have also been informed that the Maltese Criminal Code as it stands prosecutes any act of public nudity that is reported upon, irrespective of the intention of the act or whether the act is done in a secluded, remote public area.

The INF-FNI feels totally baffled that while Malta has made great important strides on civil liberties and minority issues during the past decade, most notably on divorce, LBTG rights, same-sex marriages, animal rights, legalization of cannabis for medication purposes and removal of censorship laws, naturism has remained illegal in the Maltese Islands And added to that, no efforts have been forthcoming by any Government Minister to commence addressing the issue.

The INF-FNI is also concerned how the Maltese Government reluctance to address such an issue is consequently leading to a loss of potential tourist visitors from a niche market that is considered worldwide to be free from any negative consequences. The INF-FNI believes naturism to be harmless as it stands by the principle that naturism is non-sexual and completely detached from any public sexual activities. The INF-FNI defines naturism as a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment.

The INF-FNI represents naturist federations from 37 countries and a further 13 representatives known as official correspondents. The INF-FNI claims to represent the interests of over 450,000 naturists worldwide and its membership card is the most recognized in the naturist world. The INF-FNI has around 1,000 unique clubs, clothes optional resorts, nude beaches and holidays centers listed on its website.

While the INF-FNI encourages the Maltese Government to change the laws on naturism and take the first steps required to declare officially a nudist beach, the INF-FNI would readily inform all the Federations and the naturist members of any positive steps taken on this cause. The designated officially nudist beach would also be listed on our website. We believe that the free publicity given by the INF-FNI of any measures taken by the Maltese Government in this regard would help to promote further tourism to your country at a time when the travel and leisure industry has been devastated by the covid-19 impact. The INF-FNI looks forward to receiving positive feedback from the Maltese Government, especially knowing that it is a progressive government that cares about minority rights and issues.

Best Regards,

Sieglinde Ivo Jean Peters Rolf Hostettler

INF-FNI President INF-FNI Vice president INF-FNI Vice president


As of date , the INF did not receive any acknowledgement or reply to its letter from the Office of the Prime Minister. This letter and lack of response was mentioned again in the Press Release issued on the 12th of October to the local English language press which was only covered by Malta Today the day after

INF Letter to Maltese PM
Download PDF • 193KB


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richard jordan
richard jordan
27. Nov. 2020

It seems incredible to me, even given the current crisis, that the Prime Minister's Office have not even acknowledged the INF letter from June. The INF is correct in its assertion that Malta is missing out on a niche market that has brought tourism to all other EU Mediterranean Countries. Gozo particularly lends itself to this possibility, having a beautiful stretch of coast at Qala Point, as well as between Marselforn and Ramla. It would be good if the MTA entered into some form of dialogue with the MNA even if the Prime Minister's Office can't be bothered.

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